Understanding The 5 Phases Of Customer Journey

Understanding The 5 Phases Of Customer Journey

What is a customer journey? It is the collective interactions that customers have when interacting with your product or services.

Understanding your customer is important. If you understand them better, you will be able to provide them with a great user experience for your product or services.

A customer will go through five distinct phases from start to finish. There will be challenges and obstacles that you will need to guide your customer through for each phase.

This article will go over the five stages of the customer journey in order to provide you with insight and actionable points to start or strengthen your customer onboarding experience.

1. Awareness

Understanding The 5 Phases Of Customer Journey

Most customers begin in the awareness phase, where they have a problem or need and seek an answer.

Customers are mostly looking for educational content about products or services that can solve their problems.

Since these customers prefer educational thought leadership to promotional or product-oriented insights, organizations should refrain from aggressively pushing products on them.

Instead, marketing teams can demonstrate how their offerings can meet the needs of customers by listing benefits.

2. Consideration

Customers will move to the consideration stage after they are aware of your business.

“Depending on how thorough their product research was, it’s possible that they’ve picked out a few different businesses that could meet their needs. They’ll weigh each one with varying degrees of thoroughness (some customers may only need seconds to consider, while others may take days, weeks, or even months depending on the product).”

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In this stage, you can provide value to customers by using the strategies such as FAQs, customer reviews, free samples, and many more.

3. Purchase

Understanding The 5 Phases Of Customer Journey

This is the decision-making stage. In this stage, the customer will decide whether or not to purchase from your business.

There should be no gap between this phase between your customer. The customer should be acknowledged. All of your efforts in the first two stages should have led to the decision phase, so make sure you don’t lose your customer at this critical moment.

4. Retention

Many businesses believe that when a customer makes a purchase, the customer journey ends.

That assumption however, is completely incorrect. It is far easier to keep existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. That is why, after a customer purchases, you both enter the retention stage. This stage will focus on keeping the customer satisfied with your product or service even after their purchase has arrived at their door.

5. Advocacy

A customer who willingly advocates your brand is a powerful marketing tool. Their influence on other people’s purchasing decisions should help you to sell more.

Advocacy can take many forms, from posting online reviews to telling friends and family in person that they recommend your product or services.

Understanding the customer journey can help your product or service in encouraging customers to complete each stage of the journey in order to build a successful and loyal audience base from which to thrive.

May this sharing can be helpful for you to start understanding your customer journey.

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