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Marketing Campaign

Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia (YBIM) is a charity foundation. They are a hub for philanthropists , established to generate and manage donation with tax exemption access.


Vennea Marketing was appointed as the official lead Digital Marketing Agency for Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia (YBIM) in 2020. The main role entrusted to Vennea Marketing was to lead the Qurban marketing campaign for the month of July 2020 which includes generating sales conversion from merely web visitors to highly potential prospects in a short period of time.


We’ve been taking YBIM on a major leap in sales conversions and loyal prospects to the services provided by YBIM, to the impact that YBIM can trigger positive progress to the global Muslim community. Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia is a foundation registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia on 15 October 2018 and the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs on 27 September 2019. The objective of YBIM establishment is to ease and assist the needy groups and asnaf families with no discrimination on religious or racial groups. Vennea Marketing plays the role as the lead generation agency for its Qurban marketing campaign which has resulted in an impressive monthly total sales for YBIM at RM3.8 Million.

Campaign goals

  • YBIM – Qurban Marketing Campaign 
  • Perform Qurban for Muslim communities in Africa.
  • Contributed 2kg of Qurban meat per family for 1001 asnaf and poor families in Malaysia.  
  • Collaborated with the Islamic Council of South Africa (ICSA) to ensure the animals selected are qualified and shariah-compliant for qurban rituals

Goals measurement

Our team came out with the best solutions to perform the digital marketing campaign for YBIM Qurban services through fully utilising two specific platforms which are Google search engine and Facebook advertisements. Both platforms have generated remarkable results as we perform the marketing campaign analysis daily where we perceive the average cost per impression, average cost per click, and average cost per conversion at Google search engine is at lower value with higher return compared to the Facebook platforms and off-line marketing methods.


Our greatest challenge for this project was the duration provided by YBIM to set up the best and efficient marketing campaign in only five days. The Qurban marketing campaign was highly emphasised by YBIM to be launched on 1 July 2020 in order to acquire as much data traffic as possible. We at Vennea Marketing always take the sky’s our limit, if not the moon. We proudly brace our skillful team to prepare the best marketing campaign specifically targeted at the Muslim communities in Malaysia.


We have gathered our talented, creative, and digital marketer team members to brainstorm for the most efficient and suitable digital marketing platforms that can reach the widest range of targeted leads in order to convert leads into potential sales for YBIM. We put more emphasis on the usage of search engine optimisations and social media platforms to dominate and disrupt the data traffic on Google and Facebook. We managed to convert each RM1 spent on digital advertising with us into an average RM10.02 in sales return; in less than 31 days. 

With guidance from our professional advice, YBIM successfully received 8,289 transactional orders with  the Qurban marketing campaign throughout the month July 2020. We advised YBIM to explore the sales force management system and fully utilise the advanced technology in modern marketing strategy with our preferred approach of a totally automated sales process. We at Vennea Marketing also assisted YBIM to customize their digital sales page in order to raise awareness, interest, and desire for YBIM services which leads to high sales conversion with minimum human supervision.

Marketing Result

Since we launched the first Qurban marketing campaign for YBIM on 1 July 2020, Vennea Marketing have successfully assisted YBIM Qurban services to reach beyond its target sales at more than RM150,000.00 on 17 July 2020. On 24 July 2020, YBIM received an increased sales for their Qurban services in African countries for the month July 2020 at RM300,00.00. YBIM Qurban received an increase in its sales on 29 July 2020 as a result of our marketing catalyst strategy at a remarkable sales conversion of RM300,00.00. 


By the end of July 2020, Vennea Marketing had successfully achieved total sales conversion for YBIM Qurban services in Africa at RM 3,817,320.00. This milestone has put our agency at a new height. In summary, we can proudly say we bring the return of each RM1 spent on digital marketing to a profitable return.

Vennea Marketing

From RM0 To RM3.8 Millions In Less Than 31 Days

With our experience, strategy and technical knowledge, we are able to finish the setup and launch the project on 1st July 2020. This campaign is 100% sales automated, meaning that we’re using custom-made e-commerce sales page to convert prospect without using any team to assist the purchase in website.

Looking at the sales graph above, you can see immediately that after launching we are able to produce sales in less than 31 days and produce a staggering RM 3,817,320 in revenue.

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