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Sales increased 10x times compared to previous data prior to partnering with Vennea. Apart from the good results, Vennea provided good values in terms of steady workflow, and also smooth campaign planning & activities. For us, they deserved to be appointed as one of our Strategic Partners.

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Our Case Studies


Scaled & Increased Revenue from Facebook Ads For Eskayvie.


They want to try a new market with their new mass consumer’s product that is affordable & can be consumed by anyone. They tried several agencies but only last for 1-2 months, facing many roadblocks to spend their ads profitably, let alone scaling up the budget. This has tremendously affecting their sales target and KPI.


We studied their competitors and do our deep research on their product’s unique advantage. Then we came out with better angles, directions, and funnel flows, even tested lots and lots of ads creative. 

We also design multiple salespage variation to ensure a great customer experience to buy their product online. (without whatsapp closing)


Return On Ads Spend (ROAS)  X6.5

Our efforts has scaled their sales for this new product from 0 to 6 figures monthly with a great return on ads spend (ROAS 6.5 for several months).

Eskayvie has been working with Vennea for more than 12 months.


Strengthening Supercube's Brand Via Branding Website, Video Shoot & Photoshoot.


Supercube need a powerful, functioning and impactful to not just strengthen their branding but to show that they care a lot of their agents and distributors.

So they need a website that can show the list of their distributors nearby. 


With a strong following community behind Supercube, we asked them to share stories about their wonderful experiences with Supercube.

We believe that with the strong visuals such as photos and videos that we shoot ourselves, will help to increase people’s trust and confidence in the brand.


Agent Recruitment Increment

The recruitment has risen from 9000 agents to 20,000 agents in couple of months after launching their brand new website equipped with a agent directories to find nearby agents feature.

The designed website has all the photoshoot and video shoot directed by us to showcase their identity, integrity and professionalism, hence attracting and convincing their potential new agents.


First Attempt To Sell Pricey Item Directly From Website - Implementing Right Online Strategy For FG Walet.


FG Walet used to focus more on mass marketing, hence almost all of its sales are mainly generated from from GoShop and agents. Due to this, FG Walet wishes to penetrate into online platform to increase its online presence and sales via website.


We help to optimized their existing landing page with our own proven framework, we don’t just give a glimpse of what FG Walet brand is all about but also help create more qualified poetntial buyers and drive higher conversion rates. 


To boost awareness and conversion together, we crafted variations of personalised contents and creatives weekly to target different clusters of customers across numerous online platforms. 


RM35k sales with 4.6X ROAS in 25 Days.

FG Walet is not selling a bottle or two, but the whole carton with pricing range of of RM200-RM270. Since this is their first attempt to sell directly from website, with high price product from usual, we managed to get RM35k in 25 days with Return of Ads Spend (ROAS) of 4.6x.


Strengthening The Presence of Seraimas in Online Market.


Since its establishment, SERAIMAS main focus was more in retail business. For the past few years, SERAIMAS has started to tap into online market. However, the company was struggling to attract quality visitors to their website due to lack of digital know how. Plus, SERAIMAS has a broad target market.


We came in with a proven framework and strategy to increase SERAIMAS online brand equity. We crafted variations of personalized content and ad creatives weekly to target difference segment of customers.



Reduction in cost per leads


Uplift in returning website users


Sales increased within 3 months


Personalised Content Changed Everything For Biebon Parfum.


Perfume is one of a red ocean product to sell online. Swamped with many competitors ranging from Huge Giant to Small competitors, how do Biebon Perfume stand out from the rest? 

Biebon sales operation is solely from their own ecommerce store (website).


Puan Bibi, the founder of Biebon Parfum is highly knowledgeable in perfume niche and have a lot of video contents that educate their customers. We use this advantage to differentiate Biebon from its competitors.

Thus we designed a we a personalised campaign for different target market with related content videos. This has highly skyrocketing their positioning as an expert in this niche, therefore influecing the purchase decision.

We also design specific campaign for existing customer, to ensure this brand has continuous repeat order, turning a stranger to become a loyal fan.


6.2% Average E-commerce Conversion Rate

Standard benchmark of Conversion Rate of an ecommerce store is between 1-2%. We managed to set the benchmark high with an average of 6.2%, and the highest in a month is 8.8%!

This means, out of 100 website visitor, there will be 6-9 customers buying from the store.


Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia


Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia (YBIM) is a charity foundation, and this time they are looking for a reliable agency that can help them with the newly launched Qurban Campaign to be done in African countries. 

This high scale project need a normal 2-3 months preparation, but since this is a time sensitive campaign, and a last minute campaign, we have to do our best to ensure the success of this campaign in less than 30 days!


Eventhough this is an adhoc campaign, we ensure the best effort is given. We managed to complete a high converting sales page in 2-3 days. Not just that, we ensure the technical back end for existing auto-certification can be done seamlessly.

Then we boost our paid ads and managed to obtain for YBIM, a revenue of RM3.81 million in less than 30 days.


RM3.81M Sales

in less than 30 Days.

This milestone has put our agency to a new height of achievement and milestone. Given a very short notice, we managed to turn this project to be one of our most successful campaign in Vennea’s history.

9% Conversion Rate

We managed to get a high conversion rate from our proven sales page design, as high as 9%.

(Standard benchmark is around 3% for a sales page)

We appreciate these feedbacks from our beloved clients. And like all of us business owners, clients & customer feedbacks always boost our motivation, push us to do better and importantly inspire us to show up everyday stronger.

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