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Result-Driven Marketing That
Drive Your Conversion

We help businesses, large and small, to dominate their industries online by implementing “ahead of the curve” online marketing strategies with an aim to double sales.

paid advertising

Executing your “Customized” Marketing Campaigns that drive conversions with our proven methods using paid advertising campaigns such as Facebook Advertising and Google Ads.


Video & Content Creative Production

After a countless of experiments and split testing in our marketing materials (creative), we discover a secret pattern and formula in crafting an engaging contents such as Sales Video that convert.


All-in customized marketing solution that include sales management.

+ Paid Advertising + Graphic design + video creative + content marketing + Social Media Management + ecommerce funnel + sales team management

Client: Beauty Product

Objective: Need to restructure the whole Marketing & Sales process from scratch and gaining more profit & growth. 

Problems: No marketing team, need to outsource. Old and outdated marketing & sales process. Sales dropping every month and eventually stopped.

Solutions: Establish a marketing team (outsourcing to us), strategizing and executing several marketing campaigns to jump-start the whole marketing & sales process from scratch, providing step-by-step establishment including sales management team.

Results: Foundation of the business has been established and ready to deploy any marketing & sales strategies. Increment of sales month by month. Rebirth of the brand with a new look of designs. Current database and new databases has been utilized to build a hard-die-fans. Source of sales has been diversified, empowering sales via WhatsApp and E-commerce together.

home tutor

We do Google Ads and a landing page optimization for better conversion.

google Ads

Client: Online Platform to find students for a home tutor subscription.

Objective: To get enough and optimized leads among parents who want their kids to get better experience of learning via Home Tutor.

Problem: To find another realiable and quality source of traffic beside Facebook & Instagram. Current leads are quite expensive in another social media platforms.

Solution: To establish a strong ads that outstands other competitors in Google platform, where the leads there are more quality because they are searching for the related keywords themselves in Google search engine and find it in the first page of Google.

We also optimize the current landing page to be more appealing and gaining more trust and more importantly drive more leads conversion.

Result: Cost of leads are cheaper yet a bunch of quality leads. They are easier to convert them into paying clients.

property investment seminar

Marketing solution to promote brand and seminars.

facebook Ads

Client: Property Investment Seminars in Klang Valley and Johor Bahru.

Objective: To obtain a minimum of 20 paying participants in every seminar. The challenge is in every week there are 3 seminars scheduled in 3different locations around Klang Valley and one in Johor Bahru. The seminars will run every week.

Problem: To get enough filtered participants and to fill up 3 classes every week in 3 different locations.

Solution: We provide a high-converting copywriting of sales page and sales page design. We drive filtered traffic from Facebook platform.

Result: We managed to fill up most of the classes consistently in for 3 classes in 3 different. Minimum of 20 participants and one seminar achieved more than 50 participants. There also classes below the minimum but we have covered it up with another classes. 

The seminar price is a low entry price to upsell another advanced classes.


NCIG - Quit Smoking. In Style.

Video Sales Letter to promote a program to help reduce and quit smoking via NCIG device.

video sales letter


jus madena

We work with Jus Madena for their Infomercial Marketing material. We focus to solve the big pain with an angle of African Mango effect as their main active ingredient.

infomercial video


XXS coffee

We do a high class informercial video XXS Coffee for brand awareness and focusing to solve the main problem via an untapped angle to deliver the message.

infomercial video

eye care

diva contact lens

A beneficial Informecial Video that strikes through the main problem and give the best solution.

infomercial video


Yellow Gorgeous

Rebranding and give a new breath to this wonderful brand to establish a better presence and branding.